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Here we are at the DDD in Albuquerque New Mexico. For a change, this one was in a good part of town. We enjoyed some authentic Mexican Food. This was a very small place and you were encouraged to eat and run.

We had a wonderful tram ride up to Sandia Peak, just outside Albuquerque. Elevation is 10,000 feet and it was about 20 degrees colder on the mountain top. We ooo'd & aww'd on the ride up, as we ascended 6,000 feet in about 20 minutes. The views were breathtaking. On the other side of the ridge are two ski lifts, so you skiers can get a great downhill run when there is snow.

Old town Albuquerque was a great place full of Indian jewelry and artifacts. Almost every little shop has "peppers" hanging out front. Next, you should know we bought camper tires in Albuquerque.  They were very expensive. They were so expensive they threw in a new camper !!  Just kidding... In fact, we went out to buy a new RV grill, saw a Fifth Wheel Camper called Lifestyle that was so beautiful, we traded our Escalade ! We have all the bells and whistles now, including auto leveling, and are really happy with this purchase. (Sorry, we're no longer members of the Escalade Club...)

We have enjoyed spending time with our West Coast family, in Albuquerque. Next is our adventure from New Mexico to Arizona. If you are going to have a Casino you might as well have one with a famous name. We have enjoyed taking you along the road with us and the view between, in the valley of the rocks, was breath taking. New Mexico is beautiful except they have no rain and it is very, very dry. God Bless America when you see a lone flag, in good condition, flying on the top of a rock.... Arizona is a beautiful state too, as we are about to discover.