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Today we are just around the Dallas area which you might recognize from the skyline. We enjoyed our tour of Southfork Ranch; the first few pictures. How about that dinning room table and familiar faces too!! Right now we are headed into Dallas to our 4th DDD, Twisted Root Burger. We will let you know how it goes! On the way there the freeway bridge supports were painted with fun scenes. Here is one for your enjoyment.

It was a great joint and we really enjoyed our burgers. I do have to say though, that we would never have ventured into this area, if it were not for Guy at the Food Network.

Next it was Billy Bobs, Worlds largest Honky Tonk in Fort Worth, Texas! It is huge. They even have a bull riding arena in the building and it cost $3.00 to watch. They have separate dance floors and several pool tables. They say Merle Haggard bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar and it cost him $12,000.00 because there were over 5,000 people there. They had a disco ball on the dance floor, but it wasn't a ball, it was a saddle.

Around the corner from Billy Bobs is a little town called Stockyard, Ft. Worth. It is a town with a cowboy, old west theme. The streets are finished with brick pavers and the store fronts are old west. Historically, this was one of the largest Stockyards in Fort Worth selling cattle and horses to the military too. There are shops are built into the old stockyard pens and they have as much western wear, boots and hats as you can ever imagine ! It was expensive stuff though, and a very charming place. We were glad to have stumbled on it.