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We are now camped in Deer Lodge, Montana. We had visited Alcatraz on Bobby's Birthday, and now here he is in prison in Montana on Father's Day ! Go figure. This was a maximum security prison and the place was built by the inmates.

We had never seen so many old cars in one museum, in our lives. You would not believe the "like new" condition of these vehicles. What a great place to see some truly, American History.

We played a round of golf in Deer Lodge and it was beautiful. But, the highlight of the game, was what we saw in a little corner of this course; a fawn. It was hidden, and we hope the mother was close by. It was so precious. It kept its head down and we guess it listened to what it's mother had told it to do. It was a gift....

Photo number nine is the grave site of a very famous person from Deer Lodge, Montana. We first sent these photos to family, suggesting a little contest. The contest question; " What is the public, or common name, of this famous person" ? Matthew Privette responded first with the correct answer. We are sending him a "prize" from Yellowstone ! Congratulations !!

So, have you figured out who this famous person buried in Deer Lodge might be? Give up ? Check your cook books for Betty Crocker, better known in Deer Lodge, Montana as Jeanette Kelly.

Dawn and Bobby wish you well from Montana!