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Spearville in the home of windmills and it is a well deserved title. There are windmills as far as the eye could see. Also please note, the huge tractor next to one. You can see how very tall they are and how long the blades . These things are monsters.

The next several shots are of our Gunsmoke Campground, and a sign announcing Boot Hill and Information. If you are ever in this area, don't miss the Museum as it is well worth the time to see it. Included are several different areas, from a Cemetery to an Old Town set up replicating the Wild West (late 1800s). You have the Long Branch Saloon, a General Store and a Mortuary with caskets to fit all sizes. It is really amazing to think a town developed in the middle of Kansas and it is still here today with all the memorabilia. The guy who was tending bar really believes he is living in the time when outlaws came into town and gun fights were a matter of everyday life. It has been lots of fun.. we do wish the weather would cooperate. It has been so cold and windy for the last few days. How cold was it ? Our campground shut the water off at night because of the freezing weather! Ugh.. We leave tomorrow for La Junta, Colorado to spend one night. It is reported to be freezing there too. More Ugh! We look forward (fingers crossed) to the warmth we are promised in New Mexico.