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We are on our way from Idaho to Montana in these first few pictures. Beautiful time so far on this leg of our trip and everything we expected of Montana, a magnificent state . What a wonderful time we have had here. It has been refreshing and invigorating. This is an awesome location and a place you must see for yourselves to appreciate the scope of the mountains.

Although it was a bit rainy we enjoyed our six hour ride through Glacier National Park where we relished great views and a junk store or two.. Notice the color of the water in the eleventh picture. It is teal in color like that of the ocean in the Bahamas

We captured the wild horses and an Eagle with the camera, but we also saw a few deer and Coyote, too. The eagle was so neat as it was hovering over the water when we first saw it. We had to turn around quickly to get the shot on the tree top.