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August 1, 2013 about 5 PM the Lifestyle RV rolled into Paradise Valley Campground marking the end of "The Trip of a Lifetime". The Privettes have been on the road since February 27, 2013 taking a five month trip around the USA. A photo of the first Paradise Valley sign at the front of the park marks the beginning of a "Welcome Home Privettes" party that immediately followed their arrival. Even "Owl" was included in the festivities and both Dawn and Joanne read of their thoughts and impressions as this journey drew to a close. It was not all serious however, as neighbors will testify, as they were serenaded with the "Frito Bandito" song, supported by matching black hats featuring the refrain " Ay Ay Ay Ay ", should someone forget. Having covered over 20,000 miles, trading for a new Lifestyle fifth wheel and Dodge truck, climbing mountains and crossing deserts this was indeed, quite a trip. Welcome Back !