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The first five photos are from The Turtle Bayou RV Park in Wallisville, Texas. We based our visit to the greater Houston / Galveston areas from this park.

Photo six of the Houston skyline, was taken as we headed for Seabrook and Kemah, Texas. They are small seaport towns located on the west side of Galveston Bay about midway between Houston and Galveston. Seabrook, we discovered, has several seafood stores that sell both direct to consumer, and wholesale to restaurants and stores. We couldn't believe the quantity of fresh fish and shrimp they had on display. A few of the stores were a bit over powering with the "fish" smell. We had never seen anything quite like these fish markets!

Somehow (?) Owl got into photo 10, the first of four shots from Galveston, a very interesting town from a view point of the architecture of it's buildings. It appears that a lot of damage was done during Hurricane Isaac. When we visited, two cruise ships were in port in Galveston Harbor and were secured to a really neat pier.

Visiting the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center, we got to see the actual Explorer Space Shuttle (see photo). We enjoyed the exhibits but prefer the John F Kennedy Space Center. The final picture, 16, of the lawyer's office was simply to cool, not to share... Unusual no ?