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All along the Highway in Kansas and Colorado are Feed Lots. These are lots where they keep cows which are fed only dry grain for a short time to fatten them up for slaughter. The air around these places is heavy with the smell of cow poop. It stinks. The two pics of the truck and Escalade, show the incident at the La Junta KOA where they had a lot of snow and the ground was saturated. We sunk down immediately. As you can see it took another Dodge to help pull us out. There are no pictures of La Junta, Colorado where we stayed one night because it sucked. Enough said. We got our Colorado sticker stuck on our map, and we left early the next morning for New Mexico.

Going over the mountains from Colorado to New Mexico the scenery was breathtaking.. We are so blessed to have a country as beautiful as we are witnessing. We hope all of you can enjoy what we are seeing one day.