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We went to our first DDD - "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" in Memphis. In the middle of Tennessee's Harlem we ventured out to Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken. You can check it out on the Food Network. This place was really a dive and believe me when I tell you, we would never have eaten there if it wasn't for Guy !  The chicken was fantastic. It was fried crispy and then dunked in some Sweet Spicy Love. As we were leaving the owner, Uncle Lou, came in. He gave us a big hug and took a picture with us. Definitely worth the trip!

Other pictures are of Graceland, the home of Elvis. We highly suggest you visit.  Graceland and Elvis treasures are certainly something to behold.

Beale Street was dirty and we have to say not worth the time. We did look at the River district but because the weather was so cold we could not get out and walk it.

The campground in Arkansas, "Memphis KOA",  is in the middle of no where. It is clean but nothing around, not even a decent grocery store. There was a campground right at Graceland, but the surrounding area is not very appealing.

Lots of Spicy love from Bobby and Dawn