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This store, Wall Drug Store, is along the way to The Badlands from Rapid City. They start with the billboards about 165 miles out and as you get closer they become more abundant. It is a tourist trap, and there is a lot of junk in the store. The store takes up a whole block.

The movie Dances with Wolves was filmed in South Dakota, so the photo of Dawn is like the scene in the movie where he feels the wheat! That shot of a big longhorn shows her nursing her baby, although it is difficult to tell just what is happening. We were luck to have caught that !

This is really barren country. It is amazing how grass grows everywhere as if someone planted it. God, it is hard to believe settlers tried to live here. We did get a chance to see Sturgis and because we are not motorcyclists we didn't have the appreciation for this place that bikers do. We did see this trailer on the road however and we thought it was way cool. We also saw a skeleton leading a skeleton tooling along. People in small towns have to have some draw....

Well we also saw the United States only Corn Palace, in Mitchell, SD and I guess that says it all !