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Oklahoma has the most drivable miles of what is left of Route 66. . So, from our campground we went in search of Americana? We found some interesting sites. The only round red barn, and a restaurant / store called POPS. It has more soda pop flavors then anywhere we have ever been. It's sort of like a candy store of sodas. We couldn't resist a few beverage shots at POPS. Bacon, chocolate, and maple soda ?? Really...

Next we were off to Oklahoma City to find a DDD called NICs. We found the restaurant with a line of people in front of it and it was one tiny joint! All they served was burgers, fried chicken and chicken fried steak. After about 40 minutes, we had worked our way in the door, and it was people, wall to wall . I think they had 25 people stuffed in a space with a capacity for 15. We decided we'd find another DDD and selected Leo's BBQ. It was a dive. The grass was overgrown and the building needed paint but we went in. The smells were tantalizing and we ate some good soul food, spare ribs and brisket. 

The skyline of Oklahoma City marks the first photograph of our visit to the Memorial of the Oklahoma City Bombing. This was a very heartbreaking experience. We tend to forget what happened to others, when they are not directly related to us. You will remember, this was the day Oklahoma City was devastated by a bomb that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols placed in a Ryder truck, that Timothy parked in front of the Federal Building. At 9:02 am, on April 19th 1995, the bomb went off and killed 168 people. The memorial is located on the grounds of the original site of the Federal Building that was bombed that day. The hardest part to again learn about, was the daycare facility on the second floor. After the bombing it was down on ground level, with rubble all over it. Several children died that day. Many people lost several family members. It really is a well done Memorial and worth every moment in seeing it, if and when you get to Oklahoma City. Incidentally, the license plate photo shows the plate from the Ryder truck, that had the explosives in it.

The chairs you see in several of the photographs, represent each of the individuals that lost their life that day. The wall on each end of the pool represents the sides of the buildings. On one side it says 9:01 and on the other end 9:03 In that period of time many lives were changed forever.