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We've made it to New Orleans ! The campground we are in here, looks like there might be an Escalade convention. There are two other Escalades; unusual to see three in one place. One is the same model as ours ( 2005 ), and the other is a similar model 2006 or later, since it has automatic support jacks.

What a trip this has been so far... and now New Orleans !! Many blocks of many parties. It was Spring Break, so not only did we have a lot to see, but there were many folks in the streets, determined to have a good time. We started at Magazine Street which is in the Garden District. Then we took the trolley downtown to the French Quarter. We have been to Key West and all that goes on there, but we have never witnessed anything like this! Canal Street hosts street artists of all kinds from jugglers of knives, and bowling balls, to the ones who can stand so still you think they are fake. There are singers from Lionel Richey, " want-to-bees" to Yo Yo Ma, young girls on violins. It is a real street circus for several blocks.

Then you have Decatur street, more tourist oriented and "family-friendly", if such terms apply? The streets are lined with bars, junk stores and clothing options, although most in New Orleans seem to find clothing optional. Next was Bourbon Street. That is where sex, bars and just about anything goes. There are an abundance of Gay bars, Drink-till-you-drop bars, and just bars, bars, bars and more bars.. The street is a little seedy with the smell of urine and lots of old trash left by the road. The people are rowdy, and this street will have your head spinning like the Exorcist.... Love to you all !