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2/27/13  The Trip of a Lifetime !  Much anticipated and  the day finally came......

It started in lots of mud on our Lot #69 in Paradise.  Our mighty Dodge did what it was built to do. Hitching up was a piece of cake, however red Georgia mud was still on the tires the next day. When moving from Georgia to Tennessee the geography changed quite a bit.  The mountains look pretty much the same in both states but the rock formations in Tennessee are gray and  much more striated than in Georgia. The Mt Eagle climb was a heavy duty climb but again the Dodge kept us at 55 mph plus all the way to the top. Our Rand McNally RV GPS did a great job too, very precise and very helpful with warnings and advance notices along the way.

The night before our departure we enjoyed a Bon Voyage party. As a parting gift we were presented with, Al the Owl, who is making the journey with us. He has promised to appear from time to time in photos taken along the way. So,,,, you are invited to follow along with us on our adventure right here on this page as we make notes and take a photo or two which you can enjoy. Let the Escapades begin... Just click on a place on the USA Map where we have stopped and see what we are doing and where we have been.