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Amazing how the landscape changes. First we have pine trees and sharp jagged mountains and then we have the desert experience again. The rock formations look a lot like the Southwest. The third picture is of a campground we decided to pass up in Lander, WY. It was so over grown with grass and lots of run down campers that we decided the Bates Motel would have been safer.

The plains are beautiful here. The fourth picture is called the Devils Gate. Interesting but we don't know the whole story. The area reminds us a lot of Dances With Wolves with the high grasses and the oats.

Rapid City is not a very big city but they have a fun downtown. The day of the Arizona fire and loss of 19 firefighters we just happened to eat at this restaurant pictured. It was loaded with memorabilia, patches from all over the country. The town had alley ways with graffiti and on almost every street corner is a president in bronze.

The landscape is very beautiful and the bridges and tunnels you go through are very unique. There is a small town called Keystone you come to prior to getting to Mt. Rushmore. It is a tourist trap but it is fun to be a tourist sometimes! We took a lot of pictures but here are just a few of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Mt Rushmore is really spectacular with the flags from all the states and when they became a state. Crazy Horse needs a lot more work to hold our interest!!