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If you check out a Kansas State map you will see these photos were taken in locations surrounding Salina, Kansas or that we passed headed West from Kansas City.. It was soooooo windy on our way to Assaria, south of Salina. The truck in the highway picture was almost sideways at one point. As we drove around Kansas we found Historical Markers located just about everywhere. This "Fort Riley & Junction City" is a good example .

Lindsborg is a small Swedish town in the middle of no where, slightly south and west of Assaria. The Swedish Dala, is the colorful painted horse that represents strength and it is found in front of many retail store locations.

Rock City is a must see when you are in this area, a bit north of Salina. It is surreal. These rocks are huge. It seems as if we stepped off the planet and onto the surface of the moon. And, No, I was not successful in pulling the rock apart !

Next... Cawker City and the Giant Ball of Twine. Okay, I admit, this is ridiculous, but it is "a must see". ( So see this photo and you won't have to drive there ! ) This is in Cawker City, Kansas ! The middle of nowhere, going to a place, to nowhere. The town is deserted, and the homes around the area are run down, very poor and filthy. We thought you would enjoy the local Motel, too...

Many, or most, small Kansas towns have grain storage silos right in the middle of town? This is because the railroad is right in the middle of town, too. The "center-of-town" art work is located in Big Bend.