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San Francisco.. What a town! We had a chance to see San Francisco on two occasions during our stay here. Here is a series of pictures for you all to enjoy. The town was fun and colorful. There were many people enjoying the things we saw. We had the opportunity to see areas with our guide from the KOA who grew up in San Francisco. He took us on back streets and under the Golden Gate where no other tour vans went. By the way, we stayed at the KOA Petaluma, north of San Francisco.. It was packed for the Memorial Weekend but the location was perfect for us. From downtown San Francisco it was about 35 minutes, from Napa about 20 minutes and it was a 15 minute drive to the coast.. great spot!

The last photos are from the Russian River Area. This is a very beautiful area located in the wine country. A lot of redwood trees and dairy farms. I guess the cows help with the fertilizing of the grapes..?.