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Washington is a beautiful state. The trees are so green here and there are lakes and streams everywhere. The third picture is the view from our Lifestyle back picture window.

The next series of photos are from Mt. St. Helens. This is an amazing story that unfolded May 18 1981. The volcano blew up and changed the landscape forever. It created new lakes and covered forests that stood tall. This place is awesome and worth seeing if you get the opportunity. Even Owl simply had to pose after he saw all the folks fascinated by the mountain.. This was so cool to see the steam rising from Mt. St. Helens but it makes you very wary at the same time.

Along the way in many states we have seen Windmills for electricity generation. They dot the rural landscape in some areas where the wind blows and are very large indeed ! We hope they really do generate enough electric energy to pay for themselves and help save the environment ? The shot of the small city was taken as we entered Spokane, Washington, located just over the border from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho our next stop. See you there..