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Near Yellowstone, we went for a horse ride. That was a "must", bucket list item, for Montana. We enjoyed the ride and the views were incredible. As we headed south, we saw some cool things in the beginning or middle of little towns or in the city square. Indians seem to be the major influence in Montana and Wyoming.

We visited Alpine, Wyoming, and went to the Mountain Days Festival. It was great. A lot of furs, antlers, and Indian beads for sale. We also went through Afton, Wyoming, a town known for having the largest elk horn arch in the world. It was crazy to see all these elk horns.

On our way to Jackson Hole we went along the Snake River. It was a beautiful river with strong rapids. We saw many "floaters", as they call them, headed down stream. Wyoming is a beautiful state and is a rival to Montana.

Jackson Hole sits at the entrance to the Grand Tetons. These mountains are so jagged and dramatic. It is awesome to witness this wonder. The mountains provide a striking back drop and you just look at them thinking Hollywood painted the props for this background. Jackson Hole is a very wealthy town. The billionaires bought out the millionaires to live in this area. The galleries have nice art, but the prices are inflated to accommodate the aristocrats. Bobby got his bear shot. This was a biggggg bear. The town was cute and we enjoyed the sites but, Dahlonega, Georgia, is just as sweet and not so expensive.

We stayed at Star Valley Ranch a Coast to Coast resort. It was as close to Paradise Valley as we have seen. The lots are deeded and people doll up their places. We enjoyed our time here and believe this is a place we would return and stay longer if we decided to venture out this far again.