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Hi-Way Haven RV Park in Sutherlin, Oregon was an old Drive-In Movie. Remember Drive-Ins ? We will be watching Iron Man tonight!!! Eat your heart out. The campground is great. It has finally allowed us to have a little patio with a plant to make more it homey!

As we headed down Oregon #138 on our way to the coast, we found little treasures as we drove along . One of those treasures was the Calapooya Creek Covered Bridge. ( I want to hear you say that )

This coastal park is dedicated to the ATVers in this state. It was unbelievable seeing pine trees meeting dunes. All I could think was this looks like a snow village except the color of snow is sand.... Families do a lot of riding the dunes and beaches here with there own ATVs; ATVs that match their size. We had a big surprise here. We didn't think Oregon would have such lovely beaches, but as you can see pictured, they are very clean, and empty. No one is on the beach because it is cold!!!

The Umpqua Valley region of Oregon, not far outside of Sutherlin, has a number of wineries and at times they offer tours. We are showing you our first Wine Cave ! We had a wonderful tasting and they even offered small appetizers to go with the wine.

We will be on the road tomorrow. Washington State is coming up next. Lots of love to all of you...