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We stayed overnight at a campground just outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico. This town was very quaint and we enjoyed strolling the streets where there were many closed stores due to the condition of the economy, but overall the town is still in very good shape.

In the area around Las Vegas, NM, they have numerous sulfur hot springs. People sit in the spring water and it is suppose to heal a variety of ailments. I think it makes you smell like a f---. We drove up a very steep mountain range outside of Las Vegas and enjoyed the scenic views.

While riding along Historic Route 66 it is amazing what you can see! We found these wild horses along the side of the road. How 'bout this cafe? I am not sure even Guy from DDD would eat here?

We can't believe how quickly the time passes while we are viewing the scenery. What beautiful contrasts this state has to offer. We can understand why people live here, however we love the trees and the greenery out west. We stopped along Route 66 at the Owl Cafe. It is a fun-funky joint with owls everywhere in the restaurant. Many of the restaurants along Route 66 have a unique, really cool look to them . By the way, the Owl Cafe Burgers were great.