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Sacramento, the State capital of California.. Just a few pictures. We toured the downtown area and the restaurants always are cool in California.... The Bear is the California symbol that is used on the State Flag and this big yellow fellow we found is made out of Leggos. ( Someone has too much time on their hands...)

Sonoma was next. What a beautiful place; the landscape, the wineries, the great food. It would take a lot longer than the time we have here, to see it all. Here is just a tiny taste.

The Franciscan is a great winery with exceptional grounds. You feel as if you have been sent back in time, to a place where fountains were ornate, and grounds were carefully manicured for the enjoyment of the manor owners.

The famous Napa Valley. Do you know that there are over 400 wineries in this area? Well, get-a load of one corner, then another, where they had just some wineries listed...