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Yellowstone was a very interesting. The landscape it totally different from Glacier National Park. Even though it has steep mountains it is very desolate in some areas, due to the thermal heating and acid that is bubbling up out of the ground. When you see how volatile our earth's crust is here, you just wonder how this place hasn't blown up. It is just like a time bomb ready to explode. The wildlife is interesting. We got close enough to a buffalo to almost touch it; not recommended. We saw eagles, ospreys, a grizzly bear in the distance, mule deer, elk, and buffalo. The pools you see with the iridescent blue are deep, and steam is always coming off of the boiling water. The smell of rotten eggs can be overwhelming; it stinks.

There are several geysers in Yellowstone that go off at random, just letting off a little steam. Dead trees are everywhere as they can only stand so much sulfur, acid and boiling water. The tatonka, Dances with Wolves fans, was so close it was daunting.

Old Faithful is a hot tourist spot in Yellowstone because not only is the geyser pretty regular, but it goes up 30 or 40 feet in the air. There is a beautiful lodge and nice Cafeteria close by, with a gift shop, so it is a real "destination" spot. The anticipation builds as the time nears for the show, and people are so focused on the event, it is a show just watching them.

Sometimes you see the landscape as something out of a movie depicting the end of the world. Then you have the wilderness landscape full of trees, waterfalls and mule deer? Amazing contrasts. Yellowstone is worth seeing and we hope you enjoy the photos.