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Our Fun Seekers event, Welcome Back to Paradise 2013, was a blast!! As usual the whole park was invited to come and it seemed almost the entire park was there!!   Jim and Sandra Penner, the owners of  the Cottage Vineyard and Winery were fantastic hosts and all said we would definitely be back!! They said they hoped so, as our little soiree had been the most fun event on the hill yet!

Elvis was awesome. Some of our Funsters were lucky enough to receive a sweaty scarf from Elvis and even though it was 80 degrees, the scarves stayed right with our lucky ladies! Once Elvis left the building the dancing began, spurred on by a very talented DJ. The furniture was pushed back and away they went. There was even line dancing and a Conga line going all around. No worries, no names, but let's just say, all these pictures do tell a story.

Remarks like, ".. haven't danced like that in years.." and ".. I'll pay for this tomorrow.." were overheard! Isn't that' what it's all about; having fun, enjoying friends?. Word is that because of the generosity of all the Fun Seekers It can reported that the entire cost was covered. Wow !  I think it is fair to say 2013 is off to a great start. Stay tuned There's more in the works, and no we can't go back next week, but who knows what's down the road... ?