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As the Fun Seekers arrived at Dr. Tom Lott's Farm mid-morning they were greeted with a loose Jackass. ( Donkey ) Experienced in such things, our Funsters proceeded to help with the round up. It seems that a neighbor's Donkey is a regular visitor to Dr Toms where the company of other four legged friends is enjoyed.

The round up over, the group pulled together for orientation and was then off to Dr Tom's workshop to learn how things were made long ago. The Seekers followed closely as spinning wheels, buckets, anvils, drills, hammers, benches and more were explored and explained to the delight of the men. The eye never rested as hundreds of items were to be seen hanging all over, as the group moved through the densely crowded shop.

Exiting the shop began a tour of the sorghum press, a blacksmith shop, various barns and a walk around the grounds where Dr Lott has arranged his own private "historic district" in a big loop. Explaining the unknown function of various strange objects encountered on the trail our Funsters had lots of questions for Dr Lott.. 

Next up was the "one room school house" and a cabin where Dr Tom actually stayed in the early days of construction. I think the school house was the Funster Favorite; the cabin a close second. As the group moved back toward the parking area for picnic lunch, several other buildings were explored in truly picturesque settings.

As the picnic got underway The Funsters expressed their appreciation to Marilyn and Mel Russell for all their efforts that had made this event such a hit with everyone. They liked the deserts (pecan pie) too. As things settled down Marilyn presented a model Conestoga wagon to Dr Tom in appreciation of his opening his Farm for a visit by the Fun Seekers. I'm not sure, but I suspect Dr Tom enjoyed our visit as much as we did. We sure hope so.../