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Our Fun Seeker outing to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens provided a very pleasant surprise, a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, to enjoy the thousands of beautiful and unusual plants.

The Funsters got their visit off to a good start with lunch right on the Garden grounds. Then there was so much to see. There was a building full of orchids, quail running underfoot, turtles on rocks and frogs croaking all over the place. The topiaries were unbelievable as you can see in the photos.. The detail and amount of different plants used was incredible. Hungry after a long afternoon at the Gardens, some of our Seekers made a quick stop for Mexican before once again, returning to Paradise.

If you've never been to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, you owe it to yourself to enjoy this beautiful treasure that's right in our back yard, so to speak.. The Topiary Show runs through October. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!