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Friday's outing to the Lakewood 400 Antique & Flea Market had a wonderful turnout of 26 Fun Seekers. I'm pleased to report that Jan, the "leader" did not leave anyone behind and everyone got to the Antique Market, Red Robin and Goodwill safely!! Jan suggests that with a group that size there should be two leaders!! Is it like herding cats ?

Lots of interesting items were seen at the Antique Market and several good buys were made. Red Robin was a huge hit. Although they did not have prior notice of the Fun Seekers arrival, they were able to seat everyone together. ( See loooong table ) The service was impeccable, the food was delicious and Joanne, who could not attend, is reported as very jealous. It seems she is missing her favorite; a Whisky River Burger. Secret information was received by the "leader" from Joanne, about a fairly new Goodwill store in Alpharetta, so after lunch our Funsters headed there for more shopping and more good deals. Oh, and our "leader" got everyone back in Paradise safely. Good job Jan.