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Friday's August 9 Fun Seeker outing to Dawsonville, was a big hit ! We were on our way to the NASCAR and Moonshine Museums which share the same facilities. You might remember that stock car racing had it's beginnings with moonshine runners. They souped up their cars, to out-run the law, (no radios) as they traveled the highways to deliver their precious cargo. Dawsonville is considered the home of all this, so it is entirely appropriate that both NASCAR and Moonshine be displayed in the same Dawsonville location. Many of the early drivers featured were from this area; not surprising considering history. Note the signatures on the big copper still.

Incidentally, for those of you Funsters with a "taste-for-shine", this facility produces some very high quality corn mash shine; no sugar added!   Visit here.  We had a very nice turnout of 22 Fun Seekers and everyone I spoke to had wrinkled their noses when they tasted moonshine, but on the other hand, said the food at Fajita Grill was delicious. I believe there was at least one chachka stop at the Tomato House on the return to Paradise!   No real surprise...