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Saturday's outing was the last for this Fun Seeker Season. What a season it has been ! We have had 20 outings this year jam packed with variety.  It began with Ladies Night at Home Depot, learning about succulents,  next we enjoyed a wonderful Welcome Back dance with Elvis at the Cottage Winery. Other highlights included the Old Time Farm of Dr. Lott, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, some Moonshine tasting, a visit to see fairies, lots of shopping and Thrifting, and lots of eating. Winding up the season, 23 of us enjoyed delicious German food and 13 went on to play miniature golf and eat ice cream. ( See photos of who won ?)

Here's a big THANK YOU to all the ladies that lead the group on outings. You made this year successful in my absence. These outings could not have happened without you. A big thank you to Jan Timoteo and Lanell Coons for collecting ticket money and getting names to me so I could keep track of who was going where. A second thank you to Lanell who has often been the unofficial Fun Seeker taxi. (Wrap that van in sunflowers?) LOL  Another big thank you goes out to all that shared their ideas for outings with me. You have no idea. That is such a huge help. Please start thinking of ideas for 2014.

You all made me feel very loved and appreciated on Saturday. The sentiments in my card were very touching and I absolutely love my sunflower pot and succulents. I truly enjoyed hearing about how much fun you guys have had on your outings,  the funny stories and what a good time you had. That's what it's all about, fun and laughter! For those of you that will be heading home for the winter soon, I wish you safe travels, a healthy and happy winter and we'll see you again in the spring!

Love to you all,  Joanne