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If someone asked, "What is Cleveland, Georgia known for"? The answer would have to be "..the Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids"! So when those of us lucky enough to summer here in Paradise, have a young visitor from far away, a trip to beautiful Babyland is sure to be on the agenda.

Babyland is very attractive both inside and out. As you can see from the photos the new campus is a big improvement from the old central Cleveland location. Our visitors had lots of fun exploring the displays and glass cabinets which show off some dolls valued over $20,000. Taking full advantage of photo-op stops our happy band moved along to the Magic Tree, where Mother Cabbage lives, to witness the birth of a female Cabbage Kid. Careful to avoid the Bunnybees, our intrepid visitors had timed it just right. All declined the purchase of the cute red head at $250. A review of the nursery, and care areas, followed by a visit to the wedding facilities at the rear of the building, ended the visit.

Greatful for such a beautiful day and now steeped in Cabbage Patch lore, our ladies departed, looking forward to the next Paradise "out-of-towner" and the opportunity visit Cleveland's most famous attraction once again.

Recording a visit to this famous local attraction on this website is long over due. Two websites, Cabbage Patch Kids and Babyland Hospital offer much more detail information about this remarkable place, the Cabbage Patch Kids and their history.

Special Thanks to Missy Tubbs, "the visitor", for the great photographs that made this page possible.