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Following several bear visit reports from all around Paradise Valley, the Luchkowecs and Privettes decided to hold a bear vigil. They did this in front of the trash collection area which was bound to be a popular spot with visiting bears. Sure enough about 11:30 PM, Monday August 12th the trash area was visited by mama bear and three little cubs as is shown in photos 1 through 6. Out of concern for alarming the bears no flash was used so the photos are very dark. You can see that the bears were into the dumpsters and made off with bags of ??

On Tuesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 19, three bear cubs visited Paradise Valley along Tip Top Circle and Hill Crest Court. Rather than the dark of night as above, these cubs were here in daylight hours and were photographed in 7 through 16. It seems these rascals were attracted to the trash area and apples they found hanging in the trees! Hungry bears... Hungry bears... It seems that their last visit caused quite a commotion !

Thanks to Sandy Hertzer, The Privettes, and Joanne Luchkowec for all the great bear photos !!