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It was beautiful August weather, as our intrepid "Bikers" departed Sam's in Paradise, a bit after 11 the appointed KSU (kick-stands-up) Departure Time. Off with a roar, Dean & Cindy led the way, after it was decided to head for Johnny B's without delay. The food was delicious and enjoyed by all. The Tuesday special, 20 wings for $8.99 was a big hit; $3 cokes & tea, not so much! Thanks for the photos ( 1 ~ 8 ) Dean/

Photos 9 thru 14 show beautiful mid September weather as our bikers headed to Blue Ridge for Lunch and a visit to Mercier Orchards for dessert and to stock up on some delicious goodies.. It was KSU at 10:30 on the 16th at Linda's. The loop ride took our crew left at Turner's Corner and then North on 60, returning down 76 to Blairsville and then back home on 129. A delicious lunch at the Harvest on Main was enjoyed by all, after a bit of a rough start. Shopping up and down Main rounded out the town activities before Mercier for dessert and the ride home. Thanks for the photos Patty/