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There had been a few showers on this festive last Friday in June but our host and hostess, Tim and Jan prevailed to launch a wonderful Summer Bash. This was the real deal complete with catered fare, tables under umbrellas and tents, a very happy hour, and lots of socializing and dancing. The festivities were held on the Timoteo's second lot so there was plenty of room to park and party.

Pulled Pork and Chicken LolliPops were featured and there were a great number of deserts as attendees contributed pies, cakes and all sorts of baked goodies to complete a delicious dinner. Food was in such abundance, guests were encouraged to make a second round. It was slow going in the desert line though, as it took awhile to take it all in. Choice was difficult.

After a short quiet period following the feast, it was time to enjoy the music from Bobby & Dawn's collection. It wasn't long before the "girls" began to dance for the audience, inspired by the beat. As the music varied from fast to slow, couples joined the dancing and the girls antics continued to the delight of the crowd. It was very dark when the festivities finally came to an end.

As GoodBye's and Thank You's were offered and the guests rolled into the night, clearly the Timoteo's had hosted an affair-to-remember that marks the beginning of the 2014 Summer Season.