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As the summer season winds down, fall is in the air and Florida Snow Birds prepare to depart, it seems only appropriate to get together in Paradise for a Farewell Party. And indeed, The Tubbs, Steve and Susan, hosted a grand farewell affair promising to make this an annual event. We were glad for all the space at the Tubbs lot because it was really needed for partying and parking. Our host, "Chef" Steve, did a great job with those big juicy burgers and there was lots of food. Paradise Valley is never short in the dessert department, and this event was no exception. Special note was made of Barbara's Friendship Fruit Cake and McDaniel's pound cake.

After dinner it was fun and fellowship around the fire. This was followed by a drawing where a number of lucky attendees won a prize. As the evening wound down and the crowd, thinned it remained only to sit a bit closer to the fire as one joke after another was recounted. Many comments like, ".. the best.." and ".. nice to meet  new neighbors.." were heard as guests departed. A tradition is well begun. We're looking forward to next year !